Locking up kids - What are we teaching them?


This is Part 2 of a series of videos that confronts many of the problems experienced by families who encounter the child protection system.

In this episode, Tony discuss issues such as the age of criminal responsibility, the negative impact on children in residential care facilities, how the bad behaviour of children is often due to trauma and the fact that children often end up in detention centres for relatively minor offences,

He then goes on to discuss a few ideas about how the Child Protection Party believes we should be addressing these issues

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  • Moi

    Appropriate services and intervention for families before these kids become so traumatised that they repeat or start offending. Why not lock up adult DV perpetrators long enough and ensure rehabilitation really works instead of band aiding that works long enough for them to get out and it starts all over again, often with far greater ability to manipulate.
    CP are family destroyers , maybe not intentionally but they will not listen to or discern needs, that if met, would strengthen vulnerable children and adults

  • JUlie

    Can’t you do something because this is getting out of hand

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