"1 voice is a rant, 1000 voices a movement" - Tony Tonkin

The Child Protection Party is the only registered political party who represents the voices of children. We are registered in South Australia and at the Federal level. Our aim is to grow the party in every state and territory to the point that we can register the Party in those places thereby allowing us to run candidates in State or Territory elections.

Children who are in care, disabled, intellectually challenged, suicidal, use drugs or have mental well-being issues require adults to listen to them.

They need adults to provide appropriate services which will meet their needs and make their lives happier and productive.

They need a powerful voice in Parliament.

We have a wide range of policies all designed to improve the outcomes for our children.

Your membership and, at elections, your vote will ensure a better future for all children.

Join the Child Protection Party now. Membership is only $12/year.

You can sign up here: https://childprotection.party/pages/membersship

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