$150 Back to School Payment for Every Territory Student

The Territory Labor Government is giving families $150 for each student enrolled in a Territory school, to ease the financial burden of going back to school.

The signature Labor policy, introduced in 2009, is available to students from pre-school through to Year 12, enrolled in both government and non-government schools.

The hugely popular initiative had an almost 100 per cent redemption rate last year, with 45,092 of the 45,136 eligible vouchers claimed.

The Back to School payment scheme is redeemable only through each child’s school for items such as uniforms, stationery and textbooks, or as credit towards school excursions, camps and tuition fees.

The payment must be redeemed by the end of Term 1, 2020.

In addition to the Back to School payment scheme, families are also eligible for a $100 sports voucher per child, per semester for use at more than 350 sport and recreation providers across the Territory.

As noted by Minister for Education, Selena Uibo.

“The Territory Labor Government will always invest in our children and in our schools, unlike the CLP, who ripped $135 million from the education budget and sacked 500 teachers and education staff.

“We know some Territorians are doing it tough and the Back to School payment scheme is one small way we can help ease the financial burden of the return to school for Territory families.

“The last CLP government not only cut teachers, they increased the cost of living for families. The last thing Territory families need is more CLP cuts.

“Every Territory child deserves the best start in life and these vouchers help parents and guardians to provide the necessities kids need to get their year off to a good start.

“Last year, nearly 100 per cent of our vouchers were redeemed, which shows this is a valued payment for both our families and our children.”



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