A ‘disposable generation’: Child services slammed for inaction in Mason Jet Lee case


Demands for justice following the death of 22-month-old Mason Jet Lee have gone unresolved within the Queensland Department for Child Safety.

The Caboolture toddler died in 2016 after being mistreated for months, despite being known to child safety officials.

For the 21 officials identified in the coronial inquest, the Public Service Commission review has not yet recommended any disciplinary action.

Shadow minister for child protection Amanda Camm told Mark Levy the department needs both cultural change and greater transparency.

“That coronial inquest … sickens you to the stomach, because you can see at every point where intervention by the state and Mason Jet Lee’s life could’ve been saved.

“There needs to be accountability.

“I’m starting to question, is there just a generation of children that are disposable?”

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Full response from the Public Service Commission:

“The Public Service Commission has undertaken a review of the Findings of the Inquest into the death of Mason Jet Lee Report to determine whether there are grounds for further disciplinary action for any public service employee referred to in the report.

“As we have stated previously, these are complicated matters which take time to deal with properly and it is important that time is allowed to follow due process.

“The matter remains under consideration.

“An update will be provided once any resulting actions have been finalised.

“To protect privacy, the Public Service Commission will not comment on matters affecting any individual employee, and as such it would be inappropriate to comment further at this stage.”



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