Brisbane newborn twins who died after being found unconscious in bed named as Violet and Indiana

The parents of two six-week-old twins who died in a Brisbane home are struggling to explain the tragedy to their older children.

The tragic death of twin newborn sisters after they were found unconscious in bed, has put their heartbroken parents “through hell”.

Violet and Indiana both died after being found with blankets covering them in their home in Sunnybank Hills, South Brisbane, early last Wednesday.

Now a friend of the family has posted a picture of the six-week-old girls for the first time on a GoFundMe page, set up to help their parents cover the cost of the funeral.

Calling the page “R.I.P Twin Angels of Brisbane”, the friend said the twins’ parents and two older siblings had been left heartbroken by the deaths.

“They leave behind a big sister, Big Brother and two heartbroken parents,” the page reads.

“These Angels graced us for only 6 beautiful weeks but have created such a hole since their passing. It is hard to see where the next smile will come from for their beloved parents.”

So far the fundraising page has raised more than $7500.

The twins’ grandfather said one of the most difficult things would be explaining to the two surviving children who are asking what happened to their new siblings.

“It’s every parent’s worst nightmare what they are facing... they’ve been through hell,” he told Daily Mail Australia.

Their nightmare began last Wednesday about 6am when police and paramedics were called to the Sunnybank Hills home.

When emergency services arrived at the scene they rendered first aid to both baby girls.

One of the girls could not be saved and died at the scene. Her twin was taken to hospital in a critical condition but days later she also died.

The deaths are not being treated as suspicious.

“Preliminary investigations suggest the babies were sleeping together throughout the night and were discovered unresponsive in the morning,” police said.

The Courier Mail earlier reported that the babies may have been in a bed with their mother when the incident occurred.

A neighbour told the publication she could hear the father “howling and screaming” as an ambulance arrived at the home on that Wednesday morning.

A man named Kieran, who said he was a friend of the family, told ABC he felt helpless.

“There’s really nothing you can say or do that will help in a situation like this,” he said.

“We’ve just tried to offer support.”

The Red Nose charity, which aims to raise awareness of sudden or unexpected baby deaths, issued a reminder on Wednesday about safe sleeping for twins, co-sleeping and co-bedding.

“Sleeping baby in their own safe cot is always the safest option, however, Red Nose recognises that this is not always possible, especially if you have twins,” the advice states.

“Sleeping twins in the same safe cot (known as “co-bedding”) is dangerous if one part of the body of one twin were able to accidentally cover the face of the other, causing an interference with breathing.

“There is a risk that this can happen if the infants are sleeping side-by-side.”

Red Nose said bereavement support services were available 24 hours a day via the charity’s Grief and Loss Support Line on 1300 308 307.

“Our thoughts are with the family at this very difficult time and we offer our free support services to anyone impacted by this tragedy including first responders and the wider community,” it said.


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