Child Protection Party Wish You Happy Holidays

On behalf of all members of the Child Protection Party Team, I wish you all a relaxing and enjoyable holiday period. This is a time when many of us are fortunate enough to be surrounded by family and friends. It is also a time when I acknowledge that there are many people who will not be able to spend any time at all with their family.

I am continually reminded of this by the number of phone calls we receive relating to parents who are unable to have access with their children on Christmas Day. To watch children experience the excitement of Christmas is a wonderful aspect of being a parent. To have this opportunity taken from a parent is often devastating. So, as we approach Christmas I would like all of us to consider those parents who will be experiencing the loss associated with being unable to enjoy the excitement which children bring us at this time of the year.

Party Registration

I also want to take this opportunity to thank the members in South Australia who supported us while we were applying for reregistration with the Australian Election Commission. Avery, in particular, worked tirelessly to ensure that everyone was notified and encouraged to verify their membership. We are pleased to report that we were able to maintain our registration with the AEC. Your commitment to making significant changes in the lives of children has provided us with the opportunity to remain a registered political party.

Northern Territory

With respect to registration in the various states and territories, we have an opportunity to register in the Northern Territories. Since we are a Federal party, all we need to do is to identify a Northern Territory resident who is willing to take on the role of Registered Officer.

The role involves being the point of contact between the Party and the NT Electoral Commission.

If you are willing to take on this role and you live in the Northern Territory, please email your details to Avery at Please do this as soon as possible because we have until 22nd February 2020 to complete the registration process.

Strengthening Families

It isn’t apparent the work which is done behind-the-scenes in order to maintain the Child Protection Party. We field hundreds of phone calls each year pertaining to child protection issues. Where possible we address all issues keeping in mind the limited resources available to us. For the past few years, we have been working through an organisation established by Nadia, Avery and myself, called Strengthening Families. Because Strengthening Families is associated with the Child Protection Party we have decided to disband the organisation. For organisational reasons a new organisation has been established which sit separately to CPP. The new organisation will be launched in January and at that time further information will be provided to you concerning its structure and functions.


The executive has decided to begin the process of seeking applications for CPP candidates in both state and federal elections. We understand that most elections around the country are in excess of 12 months away, however, we believe that there is a need to begin the work immediately in selling our policies and those people who will be representing us. If you are interested in becoming a candidate for the Child Protection Party, you will need to contact Avery to be provided with the appropriate paperwork. We need dynamic and passionate people to represent all children. We encourage you to consider this unique opportunity.


Our policy development is ongoing, and we encourage you all to participate by contributing your ideas so that all our policies can be a reflection of our membership.


We hope that 2020 will provide you all with an opportunity to experience justice and fairness.

Tony Tonkin

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