Child rapist to stay in jail after 25 yrs

Roger David Cheney, whose crimes included raping two young girls he abducted from their NSW north coast beds in 1993, denies responsibility for the offences.

The 62-year-old former Wagga Wagga resident, who's never been considered eligible for parole, is due for release on June 21 after serving a quarter of a century behind bars.

He was in 2002 savagely beaten and stabbed by other inmates in protected custody.

In the NSW Supreme Court on Thursday, Justice Stephen Campbell made an interim detention order for 28 days from June 21 and ordered Cheney be examined by psychiatrists.

While Cheney's lawyers agreed there was an unacceptable risk the inmate would commit a new serious sex offence, they argued he should be subject to an interim supervision order in the community until the final hearing was determined.

The State of NSW is seeking an order for Cheney to remain behind bars for another three years.

His record includes assaulting and raping a woman in a park and the attempted sexual assault of a woman a week after his release from jail.

The "shocking" 1993 child abuse offences involved him taking two young girls from their beds at a north coast home and raping them.

Cheney had been camping with his girlfriend who said he would leave the site with increasing frequency and return in the early hours of the morning.

According to the sentencing judge, Cheney was totally without remorse and had no chance of rehabilitation.

"If there is one feature of your conduct that permeates your crimes ... it's your calculated arrogance," he said.

Justice Campbell noted the lack of psychological or psychiatric reports on Cheney and his continued denial of responsibility for the offending.

Since the age of 20, Cheney has spent less than eight years in the community.

"Doubtless because of his 'denial', the offender has not taken the opportunity to engage in all of the available programs that have been offered to him during his long period of incarceration," the judge said.


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