Childcare company responsible for toddler death left girl on bus two years prior

Police are investigating how a three-year-old boy was left to die in a childcare bus in Far North Queensland.

Now, another mum has come forward saying the same thing almost happened to her baby daughter two years ago when she was left on a bus run by the same child care company.

Mother Lisa Easton told A Current Affair she is in disbelief that this has happened again, and that this time a toddler has died as a result.

"I never thought this could happen to a child. I thought I could believe that the system had changed and they'd put the proper procedures in place," she said. But it seems that the company had not.

Yesterday, a three-year-old boy was found dead inside a Goodstart bus that was supposed to take him to daycare, apparently forgotten. The toddler was left locked in the heat all day.

A thousand kilometres away, Lisa Easton remembers what happened to her daughter Violet when the same company collected her in their bus to go to another Goodstart centre. 

"That could easily have been my daughter if it wasn't for that worker that took the rubbish out to the bins. She would have been on that bus until 3pm as well," she said.

Ms Easton says her daughter Violet was 14-months-old when she was left inside a bus outside a Goodstart daycare centre on the Gold Coast two years ago.

Yesterday a three-year-old boy was found dead inside a Goodstart bus that was supposed to take him to daycare, apparently forgotten. (A Current Affair)

Apparently the driver forgot Violet was there and the little girl was stuck inside the bus in sweltering conditions for more than an hour. She was eventually rescued by another daycare worker who happened to walk past and heard her cry.

"My daughter was quite vocal as well. The fact that she was the only child that was picked up that morning as well, that was what came to great shock to me that she had been forgotten about," Ms Easton said.

Ms Easton says she wasn't told about the incident for two hours.

"I was called by the centre director which was also the bus driver. She stated when I answered the phone, she said, 'I'm sorry Lisa, I've left your child on the bus for a very long time.'

"I said, 'what... what is my daughter okay?' and she said, 'I'm sorry I left her on the bus.' "At first I was in shock that that something like that could happen in a childcare service that we entrust our children in," Ms Easton said.

Julia Davidson, the CEO of Goodstart, fronted national media this morning from Cairns where she is coping with the latest disaster. "I flew up here last night, our deepest condolences are with the family. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them," she said.


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