Daniel Morcombe's furious father unleashes on 'weak as p**s' politicians for 'putting the rights of paedophiles ahead of kids' 16 years after his son was murdered

  • Daniel Morcombe, 13, was abducted and murdered by Brett Cowan in 2003
  • His father Bruce has been advocating for child safety since his son's tragic death
  • A child sex offender list has been proposed to name and shame paedophiles
  • States and territories are yet to agree on the register questioning if it will work  

Daniel Morcombe's father has unleashed on politicians who are yet to sign off on a nationwide 'name and shame' child sex offender list.

Bruce Morcombe's son was just 13 when he was abducted from a bus stop and choked to death in Queensland's Sunshine Coast in December, 2003. 

In April, the government allocated a $7.8million for an online list containing the names, photos and crimes of paedophiles across Australia. 

Mr Morcombe said his son's murderer Brett Peter Cowan may have had second thoughts if the list had been around when he was offending. 

In a fiery tweet on Sunday, Mr Morcombe labelled state leaders as 'weak as p**s' after they demanded more evidence that the paedophile register will work.

'16 years after Daniel’s murder and every State Leader remains as week as piss,' he tweeted.

'Collectively you place the rights of paedophiles ahead of kids. I’m angry. Shame on you! Do your job!' 

Mr Morcombe said the register may have impacted the choices of his son's murderer.

'Lord willing, he would've been on the register, and he may well have thought, I can't go down the path again because people will recognise me,' Mr Morcombe said. 

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has said the new register will let people check 'who's volunteering at the local soccer club or swimming club' and 'keep children safe'. 

The register will be online and will be established by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC).  

But states and territories are yet to agree over the register, saying they need more evidence into how the data will be secured and shared.

Along with Mr Morcombe's tweet, he included articles over the potential for the list to be scrapped.  

Mr Morcombe also shared news of a public plea for the Attorney-General Yvette D'Ath to appeal a sentence given to a man for raping an eight-year-old.

Rogelio Acosta Ruiz, 35, from Mackay in Queensland was jailed for three years in November with the sentence to be suspended after a year, The Queensland Times reported.

Ruiz had already spent nine months in custody, meaning he would be released in February.   

Victorian Senator Derryn Hinch responded to Mr Morcombe's tweet, saying they would 'never give up' on child safety.

'Bruce. We will never give up on this. A lot of people don't like Peter Dutton but on this issue he is strong and genuine. I had his word as a Senator and I still believe him,' Mr Hinch wrote.

Bruce and Denise Morcombe launched a national campaign to increase awareness of child sex abuse after losing their son 16 years ago. 

The Morcombe's fought for the truth behind what happened to their son for seven years, helping to trigger an undercover police operation that led to the discovery of his body and the person responsible.

On August 21, 2011 two shoes and three human bones were found at a search site at Glass House Mountains in the hinterland in Queensland.

Brett Peter Cowan was handed a life sentence in 2014 for Daniel's murder and cannot apply for parole until he has served 20 years.

The Daniel Morcombe foundation was launched in 2005 to educate and protect children and young people from abuse. 


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