Depraved, defiant Qld father’s nine-year incestuous abuse of teen daughter

A father who had incestuous sexual relations with his own daughter over nine years treated her like a ‘prostitute’, a court has heard.

A depraved Queensland father jailed for an illicit nine-year sexual relationship with his teenage daughter has remained defiant to the end, refusing to apologise for his conduct on the day of his sentencing.

Even prior to learning his fate on Thursday the father, who cannot be named for legal reasons, protested from the dock as the court was told of the awful treatment of his child.

On Friday, he showed little emotion as Judge Vicki Loury handed down a sentence of nine years’ jail for the relationship, described as exploiting and corrupting the girl.

Asked if he had anything to say before sentencing, he answered: “No, Your Honour”.

The father pleaded guilty to thirty counts of incest and one count of maintaining an unlawful relationship with a child.

The court was told the father commenced a relationship with his daughter, 14, in 2009.

Judge Loury said the offending began the day before he found out the girl was his biological daughter via a DNA test.

Over the next 9.5 years, he repeatedly had sex with her, with Judge Loury saying he treated the girl as if she was his wife or partner.

When she said she wanted to tell someone about the relationship, he threatened to kill himself.

Judge Loury said he also threatened to have sex with the girl’s sister to ensure her compliance with the relationship.

Even when the girl moved out of his home in 2016, when she was aged 22, the father continued to provide support and had sex with her in return.

“You treated your own daughter as if she was a prostitute,” Judge Loury said.

The offending stopped after September 2018 and the offending was reported to police.

The father described it as the “best thing in his life” and said he didn’t care if she was his daughter.

Judge Loury noted the father’s lack of remorse as he had insisted on proceeding to trial, even changing legal representatives.

“I saw your conduct yesterday (Thursday), despite my clear indication to you that I could see you were mouthing ‘That is crap’ … (and) you continued to shake your head and say things under your breath,” she said.

The court was told the father had a condition that meant he did not understand the gravity of his offending but had developed better insight into his conduct in the years since.

A psychologist report revealed he had a mild cognitive impairment with a deficit in verbal skills, reasoning and comprehension.

However, the psychologist noted he was remorseful for his actions.

Judge Loury said the father otherwise had a consistent employment history in labouring.

She sentenced him to nine years’ jail.

“You betrayed the trust of your own daughter in a very grave way,” Judge Loury said.

“You were her father, it was your role to protect her and to nurture her, but instead you had incestuous sexual relations with her.”

Where to find help

If you or someone you know is experiencing sexual abuse or family violence contact:

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  • Bravehearts – Sexual Assault Support for Children on 1800 BRAVE 1

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