Discoveries of Specific Injuries in Sexual Abuse Cases Across Australia

Comparison of three cases in South Australia with chilling similarities, across four decades, of pedophilia caused injuries.

There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”
— Nelson Mandela, 1995

ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA, December 30, 2019 / -- Over this last year, more and more cases of rectal injury from sexual abuse is emerging.

Young children are reporting this all across Australia, yet they are not believed. Even the courts have been skeptical.

However, since Rachel Vaughan, now 46, went public, this was almost unknown.

Rachel had for over a decade asked the South Australian Police (SAPOL) to investigate her father, Max McIntyre (now deceased). She had detailed the abuse perpetrated by her father, and how he had cut her in the rectum with a special curved-bladed knife when she was a young girl. She said, her father used “...a very oddly shaped knife, a short little handle with a curved blade … he then held me around my waist … He put it into my rectum…”

She described the specific pain, and then how she was abused.

'Sphincterotomy’ is a surgical procedure to cut and stretch the sphincter — for medical or health purposes -- but this form of home-procedure assault on very young children is simply the most terrible form of sexual assault.

As authorities did not believe her or take action, Rachel sought medical confirmation. Some years back, the nature of Rachel’s injury was confirmed by colorectal specialist Professor Nicholas Rieger, MD.

In a recent survey, it was estimated that between 10 to 14% of abused children could have suffered this abuse.

In the one case of three siblings, the authorities and Family Court did not believe the kids and sent them to live with the person they said abused them. For many years they were forced — against their will — to be separated from the very person who was protecting them -- their mum. The young lad had described this injury.

The two older brothers eventually managed to escape from the perpetrator in June/July this year and found their way back to their mum. But they were unable to take their younger sister with them. And now the family is desperately trying to get her back.

In another case, a young lass had for over two years told mandatory reporters that she was abused — and that she was 'cut in the bum'. These abuses were never investigated. The court did not believe the young girl's version, despite blood-stained underwear being submitted as evidence.

None were believed.

And the young lass, she too was removed from her mum — with the Department for Child Protection (DCP) and SAPOL now claiming that she had never been abused. And if she had — well, “we’ve moved on.” The mother is desperately trying to get authorities to right the wrongs in her daughter's case. But not a single leader in South Australia is willing to put their hand up.

Earlier this month, this young lad — the escapee — had spoken to a police officer. With his mum supporting him, he asked this officer to arrange a medical to inspect his abuse injuries. The young lad, now in his early teens, wants to have a rectal examination to prove the cutting and subsequent rape. He had described these accounts many years ago but was still removed unwillingly from his mum.

The detective tried to discredit the lad’s experience — saying that he needed to have “reasonable suspicion” to investigate. He even tried to question and discredit the boy’s memory. But this young lad refused to be stood over and said that he has injuries on his body. As a young teen, he’s old enough and courageous enough to demand to be heard — and demand a medical. The conversation became heated.

There is another strange twist in the investigations of the two contemporary cases. Both kids had reported (separately) they had been cut in the rectum — with knives, and both kids described bleeding when going to the toilet or bleeding in their underwear (as did Rachel).

But, both investigating officers in these cases have the same surname.

The two escapee brothers, who are now bigger than their abuser, have warned SAPOL that should they be sent them back to live with their abuser, SAPOL will need to protect the perpetrator — as they will kill him.

The police, the child protection departments, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers need to be alerted and trained to detect this most horrific abuse injury.

Since the publication of this article, more adults have come forward and said this was done to them. And some protective parents have come forward with similar accounts about their children -- and about their children trying to escape from police to avoid being sent back to live with their abuser.


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