Disturbing child sex dolls, including anatomically correct babies, sold online in Australia by Alibaba

An Australian investigation has uncovered large numbers of lifelike and anatomically correct sex dolls for sale, including ones the size of babies.

One of the world’s largest online retailers is selling lifelike and anatomically correct sex dolls modelled on pre-pubescent girls and even infants and toddlers to Australian buyers.

An investigation by the advocacy group Collective Shout has unearthed a large number of disturbing dolls on the marketplace Alibaba, despite the e-commerce giant previously committing to removing such listings.

One of the merchants even provided a sickening video of a baby doll with replica genitalia, demonstrating how it could be ‘used’.

“I’ve been an activist with Collective Shout for 10 years and this is the most disturbing content I’ve seen,” campaigner Melinda Liszewski said. “It is deeply distressing to view.”

One of the disturbing lifelike child dolls sold on Alibaba.

One of the disturbing lifelike child dolls sold on Alibaba.Source:Supplied

The investigation found large numbers of replica child dolls marketed as “young girl”, “flat chest” and “sex dolls for men” sold on Alibaba by 18 different suppliers.

Some of the models were as small as 65cm, which is roughly the height of a six-month-old baby.

The dolls discovered for sale ranged in price from $250 to $500.

“At a time when there is more awareness of child sexual abuse than ever, how is it that a multi-billion dollar mainstream corporation like Alibaba can profit from normalising the rape of babies?” Ms Liszewski said.

Owning a child sex abuse doll is illegal under Australian law but the sellers exposed by Collective Shout offered shipping to local buyers here.



  • Jackie Kauffman

    Personally the sick fucks buying them should be tracked down and arrested for child sexual abuse do to the fact they are uncover pedophiles

  • Steph

    If it were a “sex education” tool, used by sex education teachers, certified “sexologists”, parents, police/lawyers/Drs collecting authorised rape/paedophile “evidence” reporting abuse and neglect, then would it be ok? As long as the dolls do not resemble “Chucky” …..

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