Do you have any political aspirations? Consider becoming a candidate for the Child Protection Party


If you are reading this page, we are pretty certain you know and care about the parlous state of child protection legislation in Australia.

The Child Protection Party was founded in January 2015 with the express aim of getting representatives elected to state and federal parliaments in order to force change in the legislation. Having elected representatives in parliament will also mean we can hold the ministers responsible for their actions and decision.

Regardless of the party concerned, all potential candidates must meet certain requirements must be met for candidacy. The only one that is somewhat onerous is the question of citizenship so, if you are considering running for parliament - for the CPP, another party or as an independent - that is the most important one to address now.

You can read all about the requirements for candidacy on this page. Just click the image below.

Run for Parliament as a Child Protection Party candidate and be the change

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  • Fiona Taylor

    Wanting to know, how many people do you have as certified community service officers who can help the government and help you and care homes for all children needing government help?

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