End of Lease Clean Nightmares

Reports of  Horrible End of Lease Cleans in NSW Hirer Beware this could affect your tenancy, there has been claims Fair Trading NSW has received 199 complaints of end of lease cleans in the state alone, not doing even basic rooms satisfactory bathroom, kitchen, laundry, loungeroom, This could have devastating consequences such as homelessness system needs to fixed holds these people accountable- Admin- Karen

NewsComAu. (2020). ‘I couldn’t expect a new tenant to move into the house like that’. [online] Available at: https://www.news.com.au/news/there-was-bird-poo-on-the-carpet-aussie-tenants-ripped-off-by-dodgy-end-of-lease-cleaners/news-story/81d3867987eabbf66d8a0c450ab2b9d1 [Accessed 9 Jan. 2020].

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