Husband forgot son was in the car and thinks it’s no big deal

What would you do if your husband forgot about the baby in the car?

A young mum has taken to Reddit to ask the forum for help with her husband’s dismissive attitude towards their kids’ safety.

Like the time he nearly left their son in the car because he’d forgotten the baby was there and acted like it was no big deal.

“My husband is a great guy. Helps with the kids, I’m a full time student and he helps with everything,” she wrote.

“This morning, he was taking our son to daycare and I called him about an hour after he left the house.

“He tells me that he got all the way to work before realising that Ben was in the backseat.”

The mum was shocked her husband could forget their baby in the car. Photo: iStock

"I was on the phone"

The 29-year-old mum was naturally livid.

“How did you forget he was there?!” she demanded.

And her husband’s response certainly didn’t give her any comfort.

“He said that he was on the phone with a client and just drove straight to the office and when he got off the call, Ben made a noise (he’s not talking yet). He realised he was there and drove him to daycare,” she explained furiously.

“What if he hadn’t made a noise?!?! We live in the desert of the southwest. Like hot as balls, 47 degrees, fry bacon on your dashboard hot!”

So due to his nonchalant attitude, the mum is understandably worried it might happen again.

“What if Ben had fallen asleep?” she wondered. “Do I have to call my husband 10 minutes after he leaves the house to make sure Ben was dropped off?”

She had a very valid point there...

“This is how babies die. I always think, who could be dumb enough to forget their child is in the car? My husband apparently, and he doesn’t think it’s a big deal.”

“I fully get why you’re upset”

Many people could see both sides.

“I fully get why you’re upset here. Babies die every year because of this kind of thing,” one person said. “I also get why your husband is downplaying it. No one wants to think that they almost killed their baby.”

“It is scary, so scary… especially as you live in high temperatures. Yikes!” another person wrote. “That said, please try not to blame your partner too much. Accidents happen to everyone. Sounds like he is otherwise a good parent… he would not mean to put the child at risk and he won’t do it again.”

While others told her not to be so quick to judge.

“This is such a big fear of mine. I am sometimes on autopilot and am terrified I will forget,” one person confessed.

“I am pretty absent-minded and leaving the baby in the car is one of my biggest fears,” another person admitted.

“It’s so important to remember this can literally happen to anyone… if you’ve ever put the milk in the cupboard, left a burner on, put your keys in a really weird place then you are just as likely to forget your baby."

Every year in Australia, over 5000 children are rescued after being left unattended in a car. How do you make sure it doesn't happen to your child?

"Hang a spare key fob on the baby's seat"

Some commenters had helpful suggestions.

“If your car is a push start and you leave a key fob in the car, it chirps at you and doesn’t allow the car to lock. We took a spare key fob and strapped it to little one’s carrier so we always get the chirp and are never locked away from him,” one explained.

Others suggested the driver take a shoe off and put it in the back with the child, leave their phone on the backseat or keep one of the child’s shoes in the front seat with them as a visual reminder.

But one woman had a conniving scheme to put her mind at ease.

“I call or text my husband whenever he does drop off and ask, ‘how was kiddo?’ He does not know it’s a reminder for him, but it is.”

Others even replied that they used the same trick.

“I did the same thing! He thought I was just being loving... I wanted to make sure he remembered!”


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