Letter to DCP

Further to Tony Tonkin's live feed on Wednesday 24th June, the Party has drafted a short letter that you can and should send to the child protection minister in your state. Feel free to copy and modify the letter at the end of this post and send it to your state minister.
You can contact the ministers at one of the addresses below: 
  • ACT Rachel Stephen-Smith, stephen-smith@act.gov.au
  • NSW, you will have to fill out a form online here https://www.nsw.gov.au/nsw-government/ministers/minister-for-families-communities-and-disability-services
  • NT Dale Wakefield minister.wakefield@nt.gov.au
  • QLD Dianne Farmer childsafety@ministerial.qld.gov.au
  • SA Rachel Sanderson minister.sanderson@sa.gov.au
  • TAS Roger Jaensch roger.jaensch@parliament.tas.gov.au
  • VIC Luke Donnellan minister.donnellan@dhhs.vic.gov.au
  • WA Simone McGurk fremantle@mp.wa.gov.au
Copy, and modify if you wish, the text below:
Dear Minister
I am writing to you to protest the fact that I have not had access to my child since the ban on parental access was imposed after the start of the coronavirus pandemic in Australia.
The ban has definitely affected me emotionally and, I am certain, it has had a negative emotional impact upon my children.
I understand the need for social distancing to minimise the spread of the virus but I do not understand why a parent should be banned from seeing their child who is in care. There is no reason that I can see why I should be refused access to my child.
The right and proper thing to have done was to allow me access to my child as long as I was wearing a mask, using hand sanitiser and so on. 
Banning access is grossly unfair and is damaging to children and their parents.
Lift the ban now!


  • Denae Schipanski

    DHS has also used corona for the reason for not allowing my little girl to return home to a mother that my daughter is crying out for because of the trauma cause by other parent..I am in another state I’m in Qld an my daughter an son in Victoria who was wrongfully taking from me by the dad who has destroyed the lives of my children an the allegations made by the dad an his mother against me which are nothing but lies to make me out to be an basically a monster when he was the monster all along..alcoholic drug abuse mental illness abusive mentally physically an worst of all sexually to my kids for the last 2 yrs been removed from his care an placed in kinship first ,my little girl being touched again by the carers husband an moving her again an placing her in foster care ..an they’ve only contacted me about it all 2mths ago..I thourght they only placed kids in care if the other parent was unwilling or unable to care to provide an protect them??i was never notified or asked that from DHS …I should have been the first person to contact ..but they used the excuse of not being able to contact me for 2yrs ..then all of a sudden they say they went through Centrelink because the father wouldn’t tell them my contact details..so why didn’t they do that 2yrs ago..instead of waiting 2yrs to even tell me wat he has been putting my children through for the last 2yrs..alienating them from me turning them against because of his own selfish an spiteful reason…now I’m waiting for DHS to come an asses me an my family to see if it safe an I’m capable of having a teenager in my care again..wanting us to rebuild the mother daughter relationship to see if I can cope..I have 5 children my eldest 21 my youngest 2.an never had a problem with DHS …U can’t rebuild something that was never broken …it was illegally interrupted from the man who abused every right of being a protective parent buy abusing my kids in every way a good loving protecting careing parent just does not do to innocent children especially our own flesh an blood…

  • Deanne Burgoyne

    I too am disgusted in what happened to access my daughter was refused access and also no contact with workers to continue being able to do parenting courses and all dcp program’s they need you to do before they look at placing your child back in your care nup they shut everything down…and now they want to take my daughter’s baby til she’s 18 because she slipped up and started smoking weed again because she was stressed out cause she couldn’t see her kids or even talk to them and now that everything is starting to settle they decided she’s not fit enough to be a parent and are seeking a gom 18 order with out even talking to her directly and they even tried to say they were trying to contact her by phone when clearly they knew there was something wrong with her phone because they stood in front of me and called her number and it didn’t work they even said they’re landline phone couldn’t reach her but as soon as I called my daughter in front of them they were gob smacked because she answered…

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