Meningococcal case detected at Ulverstone Child Care Centre

A pre-school aged child from the North-West has been diagnosed with meningococcal disease, the Public Health Services has warned.

The child attends the Ulverstone Child Care Centre, and was diagnosed with the disease late Friday, December 18.

The child is currently in a stable condition at the Royal Hobart Hospital, according to Deputy Director for Public Health Dr Fay Johnston, and there is no increased risk to the wider community.

She said information and advice had been provided to the family and close contacts of the child, including family members, several staff and children who attend the centre.

"The identified close contacts have been advised to have antibiotic treatment to clear any meningococcal bacteria they might be carrying," she said.

"This is to help prevent spread to others.

"The chance of a close contact also developing the disease is very low."

She said all the children could continue attending the centre and visit other places.

"There is no need for isolation or quarantine of people who are close contacts of a person with meningococcal disease," she said.

The strain of disease is yet to be identified.

Anyone from the Ulverstone community seeking further information is asked to contact the Public Health Hotline - Tasmania on 1800 671 738 (Option 5) to speak to a Clinical Nurse Consultant.


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