New Child Protection Party Website - Update

We launched our new website on 18th October 2019. I thought it might be interesting to look at our statistics about visitors to the site since that launch.
As you can see, the general trend is upwards. Out of the 8 weeks, there have been 3 that were not as good as we would have hoped. During weeks 42 and 45, we were diverted doing other things and were not able to post the news stories that have driven this growth. Week 47 was the week when the website went down for 4 days.
As you can see, the total number of visitors for this period totals 6888 and total page sessions was 10209. Visitors refers to the number of unique people who looked at the page. The bigger number for total page views tell us that those people visited the page more than once.
Comparing that with the old website, we hade less than 6000 unique visitors for the whole of the time that site was live - a little under 4 years!
While this growth is amazing, you can help to grow it even more by sharing the stories you see on our pages with your family, friends and any facebook pages or groups you follow. If you can do this, it will help promote the Party. The more we promote the Party, the more likely we are to grow the membership meaning we are more likely to get to the point where we can register the Party in your home state ort territory.

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