Our rights and our families are in danger, and I’m hoping you can help

It’s only natural that children flourish best when they are raised and cared for by their parents, the people who know and love them best.

And while the vast majority of parents are good and loving, our government has systems in place to step in when there is concern for a child’s safety.

The problem is, those systems are not perfect, and now the flaws are hurting innocent families.

The overzealous application of these systems has removed thousands of children from good families and put the names of innocent parents on child abuse registries. The pain and trauma from these events—no matter how brief—can last a lifetime.

But it doesn’t stop there. As the system continues to wrongfully remove children from their parents, lawmakers are also working to pass legislation that puts bureaucrats between you and your child and takes away your rights and responsibilities as a parent.

We cannot blindly trust the system anymore. We have to do something to protect our children.

So I’m reaching out to you today because you know the importance of family.

Especially in this holiday season, it is difficult to imagine being apart from the ones you love most in this world. Yet, that separation is reality for thousands of Australian children.

That’s why the Child protection party is working to help protect innocent families. And I’m hoping you will help, too.

In this fight for our families, every voice matters.

Here’s how you can add your voice to the growing chorus:

  1. Subscribe – Sign up for which you can do on our website at https://www/childprotection.party and follow us on social media. That will help you stay up to date on concerning legislation, encouraging success stories, and any urgent need for action.
  2. Pass it on – As I said, every voice matters, so share this post with your friends and family to raise awareness about this important issue.
  3. Donate – Please consider donating to support our work and help us fight for even more families in this next year.

Please add your voice to the cause of parental rights today!


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