Paedophile Gary Tipping caught contacting child over internet after controversial prison release

A South Australian serial child sex offender is back behind bars just six weeks after being released, after he breached a supervision order by contacting a child over the internet.

Gary John Tipping, 33, was convicted of sexual offences against multiple underage boys, with some offending happening shortly after he was released on parole.

The Supreme Court released Tipping under an extended supervision order in early September, despite a bid from Attorney-General Vickie Chapman to keep him behind bars.

South Australian Parole Board chairwoman Frances Nelson QC said she authorised a warrant for his arrest on October 15, when she learned he had breached the order.

He was not allowed to use the internet at all under his parole conditions.

The board was not involved in allowing his release.

"Unfortunately, and I regret to say this, I wasn't surprised because we've supervised a number of people who fall into his category and, regrettably, the risk of reoffending is so great that a breach of this nature isn't surprising," Ms Nelson said.

She said he was originally detained indefinitely because he was unable to control his sexual impulses.

"He's too high risk," she said.

"His risk of reoffending is one we can't manage in the community."

A spokesperson for the Attorney-General said she was waiting for advice from the parole board and the Department for Correctional Services about the breach.

"As has been canvassed previously regarding this case, the Attorney-General had applied for an indefinite detention order which was refused by the Supreme Court," the spokesperson said.

Police confirmed they arrested a 33-year-old man from Adelaide's western suburbs on Tuesday.

He has been remanded in custody and is awaiting a parole board review.



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