Party Membership and Finances


Party membership has, sadly, declined over the past few months. When we were asked by the Electoral Commission of South Australia to provide evidence that we should remain registered in SA, our national membership stood at 1012.

Today it stands at 989, a reduction of 23.

Membership has declined in every state and territory except SA where we had a small increase in membership.

Over the past few months, we have been re-verifying our membership. Of the 23 members we have lost, only 4 have contacted the Party and asked that we remove their names from our membership roll. The remainder have changed their address and have not notified us of the move. It is quite likely that those 19 people still support our aims.

If you move house, it is important that you advise us of your new address so that we can update our records. If our numbers continue to decline we risk losing registration, not only in SA but also at the Federal level. Not only do we risk losing registration in SA and at the Federal level, but we also won’t be able to register the Party in other states and territories.

You can help grow our membership in a number of ways:

  • Sharing the stories we publish on Facebook will enable us to reach a wider audience which will increase our chances of people deciding that our Party is worth joining. Tell them that membership is $12/year (see Funding below) and that they can join by clicking the Sign-Up button on the Party’s Facebook page.
  • Talk to your family, friends and colleagues about the Child Protection Party explaining what we stand for, what it is we want to achieve and encourage those people to join the Party.
  • Tell your family, friends and colleagues about our website and encourage them to take a look at it and consider joining the Party.
  • Consider buying some of our products, such as a t-shirt or backpack, that others – not necessarily known to you - will see. You can see the range of products we offer on our website products page, or by selecting the Shop option on the Party Facebook page. This will not only help raise awareness of our existence but will also go a small way to help the Party pay for the work we do.


When the Party was formed back in early 2015, the decision was made to make membership free. The advantage that this had was it made membership more attractive but there were and still are disadvantages to the free membership.

  • The vast bulk of the cost of running the Party has been funded by just 3 people on the executive. We have received a number of small donations and, during the last Federal election, 1 large donation which helped pay for 1 candidate to run. We currently have 1 member who makes a small monthly donation.
  • Free membership also means that our members have no financial stake in the Party which means that they have no ownership of the Party.

In the middle of 2018, the Party start discussing the introduction of a membership fee. There was much discussion about whether we should introduce one and, if we did, what the fee should be. The executive eventually agreed that the current position was untenable for the reason given above and that a membership fee should be introduced.

The discussion then moved to the amount the fee should be. Monthly fees of $5/month (the price of a coffee at your favourite coffee shop)  or $10/month. After much discussion we eventually decided to ask new members to pay a token membership fee of $1/month, changed annually. Not a huge amount but it would give some sense of ownership of the Party.

As things stand today, only new members are being asked to pay a membership fee. However, we are still in a financially untenable position. We have a number of different ways in which you can help us financially. These are all detailed on this page.

Please consider making either a one-time donation or setting up a regular donation (which, naturally, is our preference).

Tax Deductibility

With respect to donations to a political party, donations are tax-deductible under the following conditions:

  • You can only make a tax-deductible donation in a personal capacity. If you own a business and make a donation, you cannot deduct that donation in your tax return.
  • Your donation must be to a registered political party. Since the Child Protection Party is registered in SA and at the Federal level, you can legally claim your donation.
  • The donation must be $2 or more.

You can check the rules for tax-deductibility of donations on the Australian Taxation Office website here:  


If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Party Secretary via email at or by phone on 0416 113 513.


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