Pictured: The disgusting child-like sex dolls seized by authorities at Australian airports after being smuggled in from China and Japan

  • Child-like sex dolls are being seized at an alarming rate at Australian airports 
  • In the past 18 months alone five dolls were seized at Perth International Airport 
  • Federal Government made the dolls illegal after concerns from authorities 
  • From 2013 to 2019 167 child-like sex dolls were seized by authorities

Authorities have released an image of a disgusting child-like sex doll - one of scores to have been confiscated at Australian airports in the past 18 months.  

Australian Border Force (ABF) officials on Tuesday released a photo of one of the 61 grotesque dolls it has seized in the past six months.  

The federal Government this year banned people from importing the dolls, with a maximum penalty of 15 years behind bars.    

Federal assistant minister for Customs and Community Safety Jason Wood told The West Australian people looking to smuggle the dolls should think twice. 

'If anyone for any reason in their weird world thinks it's worth the risk to import a child-like sex doll, you'll be getting a knock on the door ... you'll be getting arrested, you'll be getting prosecuted ... and you'll also be going on the child sex offender register,' he said. 

'When they're (authorities) going further in their investigation, they're uncovering other forms the offender is involved in of child abuse material. There is an absolute, very strong link.' 

The most recent doll to be seized by ABF officers was at the Perth International Airport on December 2.

Border Force officers seized a man's phone shortly after he left for Thailand in November of 2019 and allegedly uncovered child abuse material.

Police allege a forensic examination of the phone uncovered hundreds of child abuse photos. 

'ABF officers at the Sydney Gateway Facility intercepted a parcel from Hong Kong on 17 September which was addressed to the man's residential address,' an ABF statement read.

'It'll be alleged the parcel contained the bottom half of a silicone female child-like sex doll.' 

The man was charged with attempting to export a prohibited import and importing tier two goods, or child abuse material. 

In April a Japanese man was stopped at the Perth International Airport where officials allegedly uncovered 200 video and picture files including child abuse material. 

In September an Australian man was allegedly found to be in possession of dozens of images depicting the sexual abuse of children.

It is alleged officers found 41 child exploitation images and four videos classified as ‘Objectionable Material’ under Australian law.

In July of 2018 a Chinese national was charged over the alleged importation of two child-like sex dolls into Melbourne.

ABF officers uncovered an air cargo shipment from China on June 18 2018, containing a silicon sex doll with child-like features.

Officers then seized a second doll at a Toorak property.  

ABF Investigations Commander Graeme Grosse said detections of this nature emphasise the role the ABF plays in protecting the community.

'Tackling child exploitation is an operational priority for the ABF, and we are committed to stopping the movement of these products across the border,' Commander Grosse said.

'The importation of child-like sex dolls and other child exploitation material is of significant concern to the ABF, and we are committed to pursuing those attempting to import such items.'



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