Positive Out of The Negative Smoky


How does smoke reduce fire danger weather?

Some Good News for us out of a scary and dangerous situation at least there is some hope with what Mother Nature is doing and some very tragic and horrible man made causes. 

“Once the smoke is trapped, it can start affecting the air around it.

What's it going to take to clear it?

There will be smoke as long as there are fires, and there will be fires until there is widespread rain — unfortunately there's none currently on the forecast for NSW.

Rain would be a great way to wash the smoke out of the atmosphere too, but a wind change is another way to remove it.

Unfortunately, it would take the whole air mass moving out to remove all the smoke, and while there are wind changes every week or so, and while there are still fires producing smoke, any relief will only be temporary.


Dr Peace said a dense layer of smoke near the surface, like there was near Sydney on Tuesday morning, meant that when the sun came up and tried to warm the ground, it didn't get through the smoke layer.

"So you actually get much slower daytime heating than what you'd normally expect," she said.

Lower temperatures are obviously good for keeping those fires down.”

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