Premier must intervene to bring children home


  • At-risk kids need to be brought home
  • Serious questions remain over Brahminy program
  • Premier must put children’s safety first

    Labor is calling for Peter Gutwein to intervene to bring six at-risk Tasmanian children home from the Northern Territory.

    Labor Leader Rebecca White said the Premier has a responsibility to the six children who remain with the Brahminy program and needs to step in.

    “The Premier was given a clear opportunity in Parliament today to do the right thing and intervene to bring these children home,” Ms White said.

    “Instead, he again defended his inept and dishonest Minister, Roger Jaensch, and claimed that these children are safe and well.

    “But the parent of one child still in the Brahminy program is begging for them to be brought home.

    “The Government is ultimately responsible for the safety of these children and to leave them in the care of a program that is under review and the subject of serious allegations of mistreatment is not acceptable.

    “The allegations that Allan Brahminy is not who he says he is undermine the entire foundation upon which the program has been based, yet the Government continues to pay $5,000 a week per child to this program.


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