Professor argues it should be legal for grown men to have sex with children. Let that sink in.

AUSTIN, TX- Just remember…these people teach our kids.

University of Texas at Austin professor Thomas Hubbard is pretty much a whack job. Have you ever heard about pederastic intimacy? Neither have we. You’re about to learn more than you probably ever wanted to know about this phenomenon.

Hubbard has written about pederasty, which was a “prominent social phenomenon in numerous ancient Greek cultures” where men and boys had “relationships.” In this case, sexual relationships.

Hubbard has written that “contemporary American legislation premised on children’s incapacity to ‘consent’ to sexual relations stems from outmoded gender constructions and ideological preoccupations of the late Victorian and Progressive Era.”

Let us translate that. He thinks that it should not be illegal for people to have intimate, i.e. sexual relationships with children. Let that sink in.

Hubbard is getting paid by taxpayers as a member of the University of Texas faculty to argue that predation laws should be reconsidered to lower the age of consent.

In his writing, this bozo argues that Ancient Greece showed us that “where age discrepant relationships are commonplace and positively reinforced, they cause little or no long-term harm to the younger partner and often confer great benefit,” he writes.

This was contained in a 22-page article Hubbard wrote for a journal called Thymos, entitled “Sexual Consent and the Adolescent Male, or What Can We Learn From the Greeks.”

Just like the infomercials made famous by Ron Popeil, “but wait! There’s more!”

Hubbard also says that the problem of young boys without fathers might be resolved by having men have sex with those boys.

“Pederastic intimacy evolved in part as a social mechanism for addressing it. Contemporary U.S. culture has not compensated for the magnitude of the problem.”

Hubbard says that age-of-consent laws prohibit the liberated sexuality of adolescents. This is ass backwards to be honest. Laws are written to protect children from criminal sexual deviants who want to have sex with children.

Hubbard justifies his sickening position by saying that America “should consider moving in the direction of what most European states do, which is to maintain an age of consent of 14 or 15 with special protections against prostitution of those under 18 or involvement with an adult who is in a position of trust (family  members, teachers, therapists, clergy), he said.

Wow…boundaries. Shocking actually.

There are activists on the UT campus who have been trying to get Hubbard ousted from the university. A student group known as “Fire the Abusers” says that Hubbard is “guilty” of publishing works arguing that “statutory rape and age of consent laws are burdens.”

A campus blog named “Incendiary News” says that in a course called “Mythologies of Rape”, Hubbard required that students write about their experiences with sexual assault and “made them argue whether or not it is actually rape under Texas penal code.”

He also, according to a student, had them “write a paper over lowering the age of consent and lowering the punishment for sexually assaulting a child under the age of 6.” This guy receives a hefty salary, courtesy of the taxpayers of Texas, for promoting this garbage.

Enter the sick group North American Man/Boy Love Association, or NAMBLA, a pro-pedophilia and pro-pederasty organization. Yes, such an organization exists. And to think the NRA receives so much hate.

Anyway, NAMBLA thinks Hubbard is a great guy, and in fact published “Greek Love Considered”, a collection that examines the history of ancient Greek homosexuality and features articles from various scholars, Hubbard included.

Hubbard says that he does not “endorse NAMBLA’s idiosyncratic approach to legal reform” nor does he “share the sexual orientation of its members.” Ok, but he definitely shares the same warped idea of sexual exploitation of children.

Pro-pedophilia sites love Hubbard. The website BoyChat, a pro-pedophile message board, described Hubbard as a “great man—fearless on speaking out against today’s phobic persecution of boylove.”

For their part, a spokesman for UT-Austin told The American Statesman that “the study of controversial and even offensive ideas is protected by the First Amendment—as is the right of others to strongly disagree with and draw attention to those ideas.”

They continued:

“If someone is alleged to violate university policy or takes actions that threaten the safety of the campus community, the university will respond swiftly, investigating allegations thoroughly and imposing sanctions as warranted.”

Push, push…nudge, nudge. We have seen over the past 10-15 years the devolution of our society. What would have been unheard of at the beginning of this century is now not only accepted, it is forced down our throats.

Personally, what people do in the privacy of their own homes is, with exceptions clearly their business. However, we now have men allowed in women’s locker rooms if they say they “identify” as a female.

We have men who “identify” as females entering high school athletic competitions and demolishing their competition out of “fairness.” Businesses are being doxed by the alphabet mafia if they don’t bake a wedding cake in opposition to their religious beliefs.

Chick fil A is banned from places like college campuses and airports because of the personal opinion of its founder regarding marriage. It’s anything goes, good time rock and roll right now. And people like Hubbard are a result of it.

Many people on the right predicted several years ago that this was the direction we were headed in. And they are not afraid to tip their hands. An editorial in the New York Times in 2014 suggested that pedophilia is not a crime but rather a disorder.

The writer suggests that pedophilia is not a choice, but rather has neurological origins. The writer complains that pedophilia was excluded from the Americans With Disabilities Act (thank God!).

For its part, the American Psychiatric Association has basically excused pedophilia as a “mental disorder”, and more disturbing, tries to put some instances of pedophilia in the category of “sexual orientation.” There it is.

“Sexual orientation.”

Just another letter for the alphabet mob to add to individuals that are “protected” and cannot be “discriminated against.”

In the APA’s Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders, they state, “should a person not feel guilt or shame about their pedophilic impulses, then this ceases to be a “disorder” and becomes a pedophilic “sexual orientation.” After severe criticism, the APA changed it to read “sexual interest”, which still seeks to make a criminal offense seem normal.

Richard Gardner, a clinical professor of child psychiatry was once quoted as saying, “Society’s excessively moralistic and punitive reactions toward pedophiles…go far beyond what I consider to be the gravity of the crime.” He says that pedophilia serves “procreative purposes.” This guy needs a slap upside the head.  It’s coming folks. Write it down.

We are living in a world where anything goes. Think we’re up to what now, 60 something “genders.” We are told to believe in science when it comes to “climate change” but not when it comes to gender.

Great civilizations have fallen when all sense of morality goes out the window. Minimizing or normalizing pedophilia is just another step down the slippery slope.



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  • Casey Gorsuch

    Amazing ,this guy is ill.

  • Harold lIdren

    No grown men or women are not alowed to have sex with young childrens they need to finish school and let them find there own age have to sex

  • Shirley Turner

    This is Satan running Rampant on this earth. Only ones who agree to this way of thinking are mentally ill and their father is Satan, who is using people like this as his puppets. What they need is to have this 👿 Evil spirit cast out by Bible Believers.

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