Psychologist claims controversial gender clinic is ‘nothing short of child abuse’

A children’s hospital has come out in defence of its controversial gender clinic treating young children who identify as transgender.

Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital has defended its gender clinic which allows children as young as 10 to use puberty blocker drugs.

The Australian reports the clinic is expected to reach a ­record 300 referrals this year.

The hospital has released a statement saying they are “proud to deliver a Gender Service recognised as one of the world’s best.”

Child psychologist Professor Dianna Kenny claims it’s becoming “big business” to “castrate” children.

She tells Luke Grant, “It’s being driven by a socio-political ideology. It’s certainly not being driven by a medical need.

“The treatment is quite horrifying. It’s nothing short of child abuse.”

Rita Panahi tells Natalie Peters and Erin Molan children are too young to make permanent decisions.

“I think in 10 to 20 years we’re going to have just mass lawsuits for people who have been through this process, who have been too young to make these decisions and have had adverse consequences.

“It really makes me fear for these poor kids. I think we’re not doing the right thing by them.

“I think the kids deserve for this to be properly investigated.”



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