Queensland man sentenced over 'vile' child abuse images

A Queensland man has pleaded guilty to possessing and sharing child exploitation material described by prosecutors as having an extraordinary level of debasement and violence.

Daniel Leslie Cooper faced a sentencing hearing on Thursday over a slew of charges which relate to him possessing up to 25,000 images and videos, some of which he shared online.

The Queensland Supreme Court was told some of the depraved material featured tortured babies.

After reviewing a sample of the images and videos, Justice Elizabeth Wilson described it as "vile" and of "great cruelty".

Defence lawyers said Cooper claimed he obtained the material in an attempt to "desensitise" himself to memories of scenes he witnessed as a child.

But Justice Wilson said she found that hard to understand considering the lurid comments he had made online in an attempt to obtain them.

Cooper has been remanded in custody and is expected to be sentenced next week.



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