Register Your Pools and Spas By June

Register Your Pools and Spas By June

Wyndham City Council is reminding residents to register their pools and spas with Council by 1st June, 2020

An amendment to State Government building regulations means pool and spa owners must register them with Council and provide certificates confirming that they are compliant with safety regulations.

Safer Communities portfolio holder Cr Kim McAliney said the changes were to keep young children safe.

“Since 2000, 27 young children have drowned in private swimming pools and spas and in at least 20 of those cases, the non-compliance of the safety barrier was a contributing factor,” Cr McAliney said.

“While it is vital that children are supervised around backyard pools and spas, barriers will prevent children from falling into water and drowning.”

“The pool gate must be closed whenever someone enters or exits the pool area and nothing can be near the barrier that would allow a child to climb the fence.”

“Residents must also ensure the gaps in the fence are not wide enough for a small child to access the pool area.”

“Owners need to get the barriers inspected every four years by a building inspector.”

Wyndham City Council has already counted 5000 pools in the district, but this number will increase when it receives new registrations.

Wyndham City Council conducts pool safety barrier inspections every week and often adds new pools to its database.

All pool and spa owners must register with their local councils by 1st June, 2020.


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