Remove Senator Hanson from the Family Law Inquiry

Anti-violence campaigner and former Aussie of the year Rosie Batty fully supports the removal of Pauline Hanson from the looming family law inquiry.

Better still, Rosie has joined forces with women’s and legal groups to urge Prime Minister Scott Morrison to act on previous inquiry recommendations instead of subjecting vulnerable single mums to the shame of having their stories of abuse survival dismissed as lies.

“Nearly 70 percent of matters lodged in the family courts involve allegations of family violence, but the system is not set up to deal with this – and neither are the many professionals who work within the system,” Rosie says.

Women’s Legal Services Australia has outlined their five-step plan for reform of the system which could easily be put in place without the need for an inquiry that promises to divide the country.

The Safety First proposal involves:

  • Strengthening family violence response in the family law system
  • Providing effective legal help for the most disadvantaged
  • Ensuring family law professionals have real understanding of family violence
  • Increasing access to safe dispute resolution models
  • Overcoming the gaps between the family law, family violence and child protection systems.

All we are asking for is a fair system that priorities the safety of children over the rights of those who commit violence and abuse.

This is not about stopping good dads from parenting their kids – it is about ensuring children are given every opportunity to grow up surrounded by love, not abuse.

Pauline Hanson is not child-focused and that means Aussie kids are the ones who will lose the most.

We need your help to get Scott Morrison to accept that this inquiry is a huge waste of tax payer’s dollars, it is a danger to children and a single-mum-shaming farce that could cost lives

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