Roger Jaensch callous disregard for distressing case of child removal

  • ‘Contact my office’ says Minister
  • Status of court proceedings unclear
  • Parents stuck interstate and separated from their baby girl

We have witnessed yet another appalling display of ineptitude from Child Safety Minister Roger Jaensch in the Parliament today.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said the Minister’s response to the case of a baby girl being separated from her intellectually disabled parents, was a terrible reflection on Mr Jaensch.

“His robotic response was to say the parents should contact his office,” Ms White said.

“He is either ignoring the fact they have already contacted his office, or he is ignorant to serious matters relating to his portfolios.

“It was contact with the Minister’s Department that led to them being separated from their baby girl after they received misleading advice.

“The infant was meant to go into the care of a relative interstate. Her parents followed Departmental advice to relocate to remain close to their child. But now they are stuck interstate while their daughter remains in foster care here in Tasmania.

“It is a terribly sad set of circumstances which the Minister seems to have lost touch with, despite the case being brought to his direct attention by the Shadow Minister earlier in the year.

“Labor is calling on Minister Jaensch to please act with some compassion and to order a review into this distressing matter.”

Rebecca White MP

Labor Leader


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  • Sharyn Powell

    there needs to be more compassion, esp towards the vulnerable. My granddaughter who is a child was ripped thru the court by the dept as a adult except for when it suited them, she became a intellectual 7 year old so they could procure her child, a child conceived thru rape. Not once did any of them treat her with respect, dignity or compassion. Ive seen first hand the lengths they will go to to grab a child. So to use parents that dont have the intellect to comprehend whats happening is abusive and discrimination at its worst

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