Senior priest locked boy in a church crypt during 'Gothic horror' campaign of abuse

A senior Catholic priest who locked a teenage boy in a church crypt during a "Gothic horror" campaign of sexual and physical abuse has been jailed.

Father Joseph Quigley, a former national education advisor for Roman Catholic schools, also battered the boy with a hurling stick as part of sadomasochistic punishments.

And despite his actions coming to light, the church failed to inform police about his behaviour and sent him for therapy in America before allowing him to resume his duties.

Quigley, 56, began abusing the boy in 2002 under the "camouflage" of being a parish priest of St Charles Borromeo Roman Catholic church, in Hampton-on-the-Hill, near Warwick.

Warwick Crown Court heard how he made his victim take showers with the door open, stroked his inner thigh while forcing him to wear a gym kit and made him chew paracetamol.

Quigley, who also worked as a private tutor, would lock the youngster alone in a "cold and dark" crypt as a punishment surrounded by tombs which left him "terrified".

A Catholic priest who locked a teenage boy in a church CRYPT as a punishment during a campaign of "sadomasochistic" sexual and physical abuse is facing jail.
Father Joseph Quigley was jailed for mre than 11 years at Warwick Crown Court on Friday (swns)

The disgraced priest was eventually forced to resign after the victim confided in his therapist what had happened to him as a teenager and police were contacted.

Quigley, of Stone, Staffs., denied four charges of sexual activity with a child, two of sexual assault, two of false imprisonment and one of cruelty.

He was found guilty of all nine charges at Warwick Crown Court and was jailed for 11 1/2 years on Friday and ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register for life.

Sentencing him, Judge Peter Cooke said “By the time you did this you had been an undetected sexual sadist for about 16 years, a man guilty of abusing his position to carry on a sexual relationship with someone whose trust you were abusing.

“You very quickly warped what was supposed to be tutoring into opportunities to sexually abuse him, an opportunity you gleefully took.

“The sessions themselves quickly started to take place with him being obliged to change into gym kit because having him scantily attired whetted your sexual appetites.

“There were also other manifestations of cruelty which I suspect were also sexually motivated.

"It was an act of pure sadism to make him more compliant to your ongoing sexual abuse by the almost Gothic horror of using the crypt.

You were able to perpetuate the abuse for one reason – that you were a Roman Catholic priest.”

Judge Cooke said the boy’s family had trusted him because they were ‘indoctrinated by the belief that a priest would no more hurt a child than would Jesus himself.’

He added: “How wrong they were. A dog collar and the title of priest does not guarantee propriety, and for the depraved it presents unparalleled camouflage.” 



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  • Josephine Petrovic

    I am so in awe of Judge Cookes’ simply amazing sentencing remarks! That finally one voice can be heard and printed for all to see and hear is remarkable! Sir I take my hat off to you for the fact that you were unafraid to stand up and defrock these sadistic child predators that have hidden behind the atrocities of the Roman Catholic church for centuries! And thank you for giving this young man Justice, after so long!

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