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The Child Removal Pandemic

Coronavirus has alerted us all to the damage that can be caused by a pandemic but there is another pandemic hitting society that we don't speak about. The child removal pandemic. Child Protection Party leader, Tony Tonkin talks about the Child Removal Pandemic. Please subscribe and hit the bell and visit our website  Don't forget to hit the Child Protection Party icon below and then click Subscribe and ring the bell on the YouTube page. You will then be notified when new videos are posted    Website: Facebook: Reily Foundation Advocacy Services: Please join together with us to bring change to Child Protection in Australia

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The list of charges against Australian swim coach and former MasterChef contestant Paul Frost continue to grow. The son of Australian coaching legend Doug Frost now faces more than 100 charges, according to The 43-year-old Paul Frost was arrested in New South Wales back in September. Police had received reports over the summer that two boys had been sexually assaulted between 1997 and 2003. The boys, under the age of 16 at the time, were members of a swim squad under Paul Frost, a local official said. Since then, the allegations have exploded in number. Within about a week, prosecutors had nine new alleged victims and 47 more charges against Paul Frost. The charges ranged from grooming to indecent assault to aggravated sexual assault. Prosecutors alleged that Paul...

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US mum's vaccination warning after flu left daughter blind and fighting for life

A four-year-old girl in Iowa nearly died and is now blind because of the flu, and her parents have a message: Get your child vaccinated. "If I can stop one child from getting sick, that's what I want to do," said her mother, Amanda Phillips. "It's terrible to see your child suffer like this." Four-year-old Jade DeLucia, who did not receive a flu shot this season, caught the flu a few days before Christmas and spent nearly two weeks in the intensive care unit. "She is lucky to be alive," said one of her physicians, Dr. Theresa Czech. "She's a little fighter. And I think she's super lucky." Her parents, who've missed work to care for Jade and face medical bills,...

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