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MCRI issues advice about infants and bushfire smoke as fires persist around Australia

The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) has issued advice about the impact of bushfire smoke on the lungs of infants, as much of the country struggles to manage the decline in air quality arising from the persistent bushfires, which unfortunately look likely to continue in the coming months.   Associate Professor David Tingay is an NHMRC Research Fellow and Co-Leader of the institute’s Neonatal Research Team, preparing the following information on behalf of the institute.   Bushfires create smoke which suspends particulate matter in the air we breathe, Associate Professor Tingay said. Some of these particles are small enough to be breathed deep into the lungs. Appropriately, governments and public health authorities have been quick to highlight health warnings for the most vulnerable in our community, including infants and...

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Three 12-year-old boys caught lighting fires on NSW South Coast

Three 12-year-old boys have been dealt with under the Young Offenders Act following two deliberately lit fires on the NSW South Coast over the weekend. Police spoke to two of the children after a fire was lit in a reserve in Koonawarra, a suburb of Wollongong. The boys will attend a youth conference for the offence of causing a bushfire. Youth justice conferencing is a formal, legal process that consolidates a wide range of practices based on restorative principles. It "allows the offender(s) to address the harm they have caused, rather than going through a court". In a separate incident in Warilla, a suburb of the City of Shellharbour, a third boy was issued with a caution after police were called...

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