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'I don't want to be one of those absent fathers': Rudi is trapped between Australia's family and immigration law systems

In a sense, Rudi Novak's experiences over the past decade are a common enough tale of people falling in and out of love, of relationships starting and ending, and of children being caught between. Although his story is messier and more complicated than most, the problem at its core is a simple one: Rudi's daughter Maja is Australian, but he is not. And he faces the prospect of having to depart Australia, possibly forever, leaving her behind. Let's start at the beginning, or at the least the Australian beginning for Rudi and his first wife, Veronica (I'm using pseudonyms because Rudi's situation is delicately balanced). About 10 years ago, Rudi, Veronica and their toddler Maja left Europe for Australia. Veronica...

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Children to connect better with nature

Connecting children to indigenous culture and nature was the driving force behind Park Terrace Kindergarten's application for grant funding through the Junior Landcare program. The centre received $875 and Toybox Child Care received $1000 for garden projects through Landcare, who aim to inspire children with projects focussed on sustainability and enhancing native habitats. Gill Jenkins, a teacher at the Park Terrace Kindergarten, said they heard about the grant through a parent. "(They) talked about wanting to develop the outdoor play space to include some learning about Indigenous culture and nature and those things are very dear to us," she said. "Our outdoor play and connection with nature is one of the driving forces of what children learn at our kindy...showing...

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