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Car Seat Expiry Date Australia: How Long Do Car Seats Last?

How long do car seats last? Well, physically, if kept in dry conditions, out of the sun they might last many years indeed, but that doesn’t mean you should keep using them, or hand yours on to other parents, because the recommended expiration date for a car seat in Australia is 10 years. This will come as news to a lot of people who probably assumed that, not being made of milk, car seats wouldn’t have an expiry date. (Interestingly, the expiry date for car seats differs from country to country - in the US it’s just six years.) On the plus side, anyone who is still having children 10 years after they had the first one, and invested in...

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Coronavirus second wave ‘most worrying thing of all’: CMO

Changing how we interact with each other to overcome the coronavirus pandemic and avoid a second wave is the “most worrying thing”, Australia’s Chief Medical Officer has stressed. Asked by ABC’s 7:30 host Leigh Sales what keeps him up at night, Professor Brendan Murphy said the re-emergence of a larger – and more deadly – wave of COVID-19 is “the most worrying thing of all”. The most important step is changing behaviour and how people interact with each other as states slowly ease restrictions and cautious steps back to normality are taken – or, in the case of some less-than-sensible shoppers, rush – towards normality, Professor Murphy said. If we’re going to live with this virus for months in an economy that...

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Kawasaki disease: What you need to know about the illness potentially linked to coronavirus in children

A mysterious illness that’s affecting children and could be linked to the coronavirus has left officials alarmed and searching for answers as infections increase. Doctors are referring to the condition that has hospitalised dozens of children as “pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome,” and health officials believe it could be linked to coronavirus. Three children have died because of it in New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Saturday. New York is investigating if the cases contradict the belief that children are less at risk for coronavirus and what other hospitals should look out for, Cuomo said. Here is what you need to know: What are the symptoms? Paediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome doesn’t show the hallmarks of coronavirus in the children who have...

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