The simple fix to prevent child drownings

Swim safety ambassador and swimming coach Laurie Lawrence has called for pool owners to check their pool gates this morning on 4BC Summer Breakfast. 

According to the annual Royal Life Saving Drowning Report, 12 children aged four or below died of drowning last year. Half of these deaths occurred in swimming pools.

Mr Lawrence said pool gates that didn’t meet safety standards were a ‘weak link’ contributing to drownings.

“That’s why at the beginning of summer, the drowning season, we’ve created ‘Check Your Pool Gate Month’,” he told Scott Emerson.

Mr Lawrence recommends all pool owners check their gates have magnetic latches and TruClose hinges made of stainless steel and polymer.

“Get the correct hinge, get the correct latch, and we can save kids’ lives,” he said.

“It’s not there yet – we’ve got to get zero drownings. Then, we can celebrate.”

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  • Sharyn Powell

    And yet last year the dept flat out refused for my grandson to have water safety lessons

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