WA children to be part of new research projects to investigate COVID-19 affect on kids

WA children will be used in new research projects to investigate how COVID-19 affects kids.

The first project seeks to identify unrecognised community transmission of the virus in asymptomatic children by analysing blood samples collected from 800 youngsters.

Perth Children’s Hospital infectious disease experts will use blood samples taken as part of routine testing between now and December to see whether SARS-CoV-2 antibodies are present.

The antibodies will show if the child was previously infected with COVID-19.

Funded by the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation, the results will hopefully increase understanding of the rate and prevalence of coronavirus in children.

The second project, with Telethon Kids Institute, will screen patients ahead of their ear, nose or throat surgery at PCH, screening some 300 children over nine months.

The research will be added to the state government’s DETECT schools project, which is currently testing WA schoolchildren to find any undetected COVID-19 cases.

This article was first published in The West Australian. Read the original article here.

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