WA's foster system ghost list

The number of children on Western Australia's foster system ‘ghost list’ has grown from 423 without their own specific child protection case worker in September last year to 451 this month.

And there appears to have been little progress made on child protection officer caseloads, with 69 Department of Child Protection workers responsible for the lives of 15 children or more each, despite the WA Industrial Relations Commission’s order that they hold a maximum of 15 cases, and only up to 18 in exceptional circumstances.

Data on workers with caseloads below 15 was not captured in monthly workload management reports as they fell below the reportable limit, the Department of Communities said, though Child Protection Minister Simone McGurk said the average number of cases per worker remained "well below the upper limit of 15".

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  • Kelly Bentley

    I know the dept is about “child protection” but the reality is when the kids are taken by the dept they DO NOT work with the parents to reunite the family, that’s up to the carers, why is that? Why is it you can take them away with no attempt at supporting,reuniting or engaging with THEIR PARENTS?
    The kids end up with a lot more issues without parent involvement which the dept thinks it can fix with drs etc.
    What you need to do is meet with carers who have had kids for more than a few years and talk about DCP failing/failed system, what it needs is an overhaul, carers are the experts, unless you are one and have Dcp dealings you cannot tell me it works, maybe like DV it’s in the too hard basket??

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