Woman accused of torching alleged sex offender's house in Adelaide

A 48-year-old woman has been charged with arson after a 78-year-old man's house went up in flames in Adelaide's south overnight.
The fire started just before 9pm at Christie Downs.
Neighbours rushed to help, but the man suffered smoke inhalation before he was rescued.

"One minute it was a bit of yelling and screaming, then all of a sudden, smash-smash-smash, and then flames and everybody's running around," one local said.
Police said the 78-year-old man had been recently charged with a sex offence.
The alleged victim's father claimed to 9News that the young girl's mother was the woman accused of lighting the fire.
The man suffered smoke inhalation and was taken to hospital. (9News)
"They took my girlfriend and they arrested her … and they asked me if she was involved and they took me away as well," the man said.
The 78-year-old man has been released from hospital, while the woman accused of arson has been released on bail.
She will appear in court in February next year.



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