Interview with Marita Murphy

Marita discusses the worst ten days of her life and the fight for justice and a voice to be heard.


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  • Bang

    You are a champion fighter for the sexual abuse.
    My daughter case is similar to your story a out the Police questioning you.
    You were sexually abused around 1968 and you waited until 2014 you decided to speak out, but the police questions you on this.
    In my 3 children case, when we find out the 2 boys were abused in 2013 we contacted the DHS and Police, but the said you have to talk with Catholic education Office, because that is seperate entity from the government.
    I replied, I did contacted them, even the Bishop in early 2014 came to my home but nothing solved, instead the Bishop asked my family not to speak out fo anyone ro contact any law firm, let him sorted out and the Bishop promised us that there will no abuse to my children. But nothing happened.
    After that the church removed the 2 priest to another parish with few days a d the new priest moved in, now the new priest washed his hands.
    Until 2014 and 2015 my daughter place in Prep and grade 1, she was experienced the worst abuse more than the 2 boys and sexually assaulted by the 2 teachers.
    When we raised the questions with the parish priest and the Catholic education Office and Archbishop of Melbourne, they expelled my 2 children and give me only 2 day notice in 2016,
    but at this time we did not know she was sexually assaulted until 2017 when George Pell case on television, even my 2 boys also witness the sexual abuse.
    My daughter later got interview by SOCIT they confirmed she was sexually assaulted by 2 teacher and said the investigation will be between 12 to 18 months as they had to interview all the pass students and pass teachers.
    But it took them less than 6 days and only 1 police came to school and police admitted that they did not interview any teachers, any student and even did not interview the perpetrators. And the decided to close the case.
    As they base on the protocol given by the school that whenever those 2 legal aides on the school grounds the always accompanied by a qualified teachers, and the school having the policy of working with children permit.
    I have other parents to support me that those protocols never existed.
    And in 2015 even on the Police email to me, they even mention the wrong Principal name as they interview the so call Principal by phone. Despite from the SOCIT Office to the school is only about more than 3km.

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