It is difficult dealing with the Department of Child Protection - Anthony explains

Anthony has had four years dealing with the Department of Child Protection. His insight is invaluable.


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  • Joanna gregory

    It was fantastic to listen to Anthony and his experieneces. We as parents have no rights when the department gets involved and the legal system fails us and our human rights are not acknowledge. The justice system is neglecting to make DCP accountable, for their actions and they continue to get away with it. Its all based on profitiering through the legal aid system and government allowing this abuse of power.How can we live in a country claiming to be free and Justice available to all, when such things like this can occur. A department that claims to work with families and work for the best outcome for children and claim to support families get away with such things. Once removal occurs it seems impossible to accomplish their requirements to reunite families back. The amount of children in care in our country shows the little value we have for our youth both as parents and as communities. We need to look at the bigger picture and change things now before things get much worse.

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