Adoption Policy

We believe that:

  1. Adoption should be an option in the child protection system. Adoption is not to be viewed as an alternative to alternate care.
  2. We believe that there are many care arrangements which could be explored while a child is in out of home care.
  3. A child should be involved in any decision about his/her adoption.
  4. When all family connections are exhausted then open adoption can be considered.
  5. We recommend that an independent panel be established to assess the viability of adoption and to ensure that all other care arrangements have been exhausted.
  6. Continual support for the child and adoptive parents.
  7. A child needs to be at least five years of age before an application for adoption can be made. A child must be in care for two years before an application can be made.
  8. The birth parents and child/ren have the right to maintain contact, if they desire it.

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