Adoption Policy

We believe that:

  1. Adoption should be an option in the child protection system. Adoption is not to be viewed as an alternative to alternate care.
  2. We believe that there are many care arrangements which could be explored while a child is in out of home care.
  3. A child should be involved in any decision about his/her adoption.
  4. When all family connections are exhausted then open adoption can be considered.
  5. We recommend that an independent panel be established to assess the viability of adoption and to ensure that all other care arrangements have been exhausted.
  6. Continual support for the child and adoptive parents.
  7. A child needs to be at least five years of age before an application for adoption can be made. A child must be in care for two years before an application can be made.
  8. The birth parents and child/ren have the right to maintain contact, if they desire it.

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  • MR

    Adoption is not a child protection policy ! Adoption completely severs all family ties, if you were to listen to let’s say 300 adult adopted persons voices you would find out that adoption has been sold as an amazing fairytale. Suggest read the federal apology March 21st 2013. There are thousands of adopted persons trying to share this information but are being shut down. Why do you only hear good adoption stories when the facts are 8 out of 10 adopted persons have been abused. Children need to be cared for not owned.

  • PM

    1. Difference between foster care and Adoption is in Adoption severs you legally from biological family

    2. Absolutely was just talking to a victim, an Adoptee whose adoption failed and found himself rehomed to a catholic institution

    3. Suicide rates for Adoptees is up to 4 x the general population – who knows what the rate is for sexually abused persons

  • PM

    As an Adoptee with lived experience I am extremely disappointed that you would so naively advocate for adoption – I have two birth certificates – 0ne real one and one “Fake” Fabricated Birth Certificate that says I was born to Adoptive parents – what a delusional lie, designed to deceive. I have lost all – Loving me to the moon and back would never replace my biological family, my history , my culture, my identity, my vital family medical history – Adoption is a breach of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child – put simply Adoption is child abuse which scars the child then the adult, then inter-generational – my children & grandchildren are affected by my adoption – I cannot believe you could condone stealing a child then adults identity – there are many alternatives to Adoption – I have a foster child who has been in my care for nearly 9 years, I care so much for that child I would never traumatise them by Adoption, they have a biological family, they would never want my surname, they have their own.They would never want to be severed from their siblings and family for life. Adoption is a life sentence. At 62 I am still controlled by the Adoption Act under which I am still defined as a child – rethink this I am happy to discuss this at length if you are really concerned with the known long term effects of adoption

  • Isabell Collins

    A child should only be adopted when he or she is old enough to make an informed and independent decision. Contrary to community perceptions, adoption does no protect a child from abuse or neglect. Too many adopted people have talked about this, but sadly almost always falls on deaf ears. Having a policy that assists in the prevention of abuse and neglect would be far more worthwhile for the child.

  • Janette

    I agree overall but two points. Number 4 – why do family connections have to be exhausted? What about cases where someone has been a foster parent to a child for several years and then wants to adopt them? Why should a family member get preference? Number 8 – I think this needs to have a caveat to ensure abusive patents do not have access of any kind to their biological children.

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