Child Welfare Hearing Policy

The Child Protection Party believe that

  • child protection matters should not be an adversarial process in a court environment. ​
  • child welfare issues should not be dealt with in the same setting in which criminal cases are prosecuted.
  • instead, a panel should be established to hear such matters in the form of child welfare hearings where the process is less intimidating for parent/s and caregiver/s.
  • holding child welfare hearings in an environment that does not have the adversarial nature of the criminal court will provide an environment more conducive of producing more equitable outcomes for parents, caregivers and children.

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  • Maddy McKenzie

    Remove immunity from everyone in the Court system. No more hiding identities of FRWs. Establish an Independent Oversight Committee that you can lodge a complaint with re FL Judges not following the law so no more expensive worthless appeals. At the end of each appearance an audio cd be given to each party of the recorded proceedings. No more paying $30,000 for transcripts to appeal. Justice must be available for everyone not just for the rich. The law states we are equal before the law when clearly we arent. No normal person can afford the exorbitant prices of transcripts. All FRWs have to be experts in FV and children with special needs or better yet do away with them all together. Get rid of ICLs. Change the law so that DVOs cant be overridden by FC Orders. Place safety first. If there has been a trial for a DVO and a DVO granted the FC must accept that as evidence of abuse. The Court to be required to accept and place weight on expert reports from their noncourt moneygrubbers. Ie a Pediatrician’s Report about special needs of children cant be dismissed because it is not a Court Expert. Remove the presumption of ESPR. Accept that if a party has continued post separation FV that the cost must consider whether they are an appropriate person to have contact with the children. That the Court must consider each case individually and not just apply a blanket approach of every other weekend and half the holidays for every child despite whether they have special needs or not. That there be some kind of review mechanism outside of FC to see how well the Orders and working and whether the children and suffering.

    If a parent wants equal say it should be equal pay. Why is one parent left holding the bag financially.

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