Kinship and Foster Carers

Child Protection Party Position on Kinship Care

We support the need for children to remain with their biological family where possible. 

All avenues for family care need to be explored. 

The suitability of kinship care needs to be explored; however, it should not be viewed as a given just because of biological connection. This includes all family types such as same-sex, grandparents etc.

We believe that family history needs to be considered, especially where intergenerational abuse has been identified. 

It is important not to put children in the care of grandparents or other kinship care who were abusive of the parents or have a history of abuse to children. 

We must be aware that a family member may have contributed to the way a parent was parented. 

We believe that Kinship Carers must have the same training and support as Foster Parents. 

All Kinship Carers need a police check and child safety clearance.

Child Protection Party Position on Foster Care

We believe that foster care should be more highly valued and professionalised as a therapeutic placement.

We propose a number of measures to strengthen foster care placements such as:

  • placements be reviewed every 12 months;
  • payment be tied to both training and the length of placement; 
  • payment packages which meet the specific needs of the foster family;
  • payments made to include  a direct allocation to services that the foster child/ren and family require to be supported; and 
  • all foster carers to have a police check and child safety clearance.

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  • Naomi J. Law

    Thanks for sharing the information about kinship foster care new policies with us to help take care the fostering children in a better way.

  • My F. Jones

    Thanks for sharing the detail review about kinship and foster carers.

  • Lainie

    Foster carers require training, police check working with children safety check, police clearance and they and the children they care for are offered full support!.
    Kinship carers struggle to even be recognised as anything more than baby sitters by the department. We struggle and many of us have spent our entire superannuation funds raising the children we love so much.
    We are offered training if we are lucky and get short courses, but when you express a desire to follow through with the recognised training of a diploma you get ignored completely by the firm offering it.
    Foster carers are afforded anonymity, their homes are safe and more often than not the never have to even deal with the biological parents of the children they care for.
    Kinship carers often lose family members and friends in the process of doing exactly the same job as what a foster carer does! We are 9/10 times the parents of the biological parents, and it often destroys the family in the process of raising children who need us. Some of us have had our homes, vehicles, and businesses destroyed, we do not get to hide behind our case workers and support workers.
    I am in no way putting down Foster Carers at all, they are not the ones making us fight to be recognised as carers, it is government departments, the general public, and crappy articles such as this that makes us take a stand and say enough is enough

  • Vivienne Pisani

    In my opinion both kinship and foster carers should be treated equally….
    Us kinship go above and beyond to protect the child(ren) in question.
    Kinship carers are treated like babysitters and not as a carer
    The financial outlay has been significant and a massive burden on the kinship carers.
    We are expected to pay for things, where foster care are reimbursed or have the bills paid for.

    What happened to equality ????.

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