Legalisation of Marijuana

The Child Protection Party does not have any policy or policy position on the legalisation of marijuana.

Following a query from a party member, we have decided to sound out your views.

Should the Party have a policy or policy position on the subject?
  • Should we support the total legalisation of marijuana?
    • If so, for what reasons do you think we should have a policy or a policy position?
    • If not, for what reasons do you think we should not have a policy or a policy position?
  • Should we support the legalisation of marijuana for medicinal use only?
    • If so, for what reasons do you think we should have a policy or a policy position?
      • Can you cite medical conditions for which scientific evidence shows marijuana is effective?
      • Can you cite scientific evidence that the benefits outweigh any the costs?
    • If not, for what reasons do you think we should not have a policy or a policy position?
      • Can you cite scientific evidence which shows marijuana is not effective?
      • Can you cite scientific evidence that the costs outweigh any benefits?


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  • Jante

    Legalise marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use for all the reasons above
    Much less harmful than alcohol yet more healing too by far

  • Avery

    Addendum to my first post.

    I fully support the legalisation of marijuana for medical use.

    While I am not suggesting the CPP formulate a policy or policy position on recreational use, personally I would support for the decriminalisation of marijuana for recreational use. Note that decriminalisation is not the same as legalisation. Having said that, legalisation in the states in the USA and in countries like the Netherlands and Portugal has shown a dramatic decrease in drug-related crime and, with respect to marijuana has produced a huge increase in tax revenues.

  • Avery

    Some 30 countries and 33 states in the USA have legalised the use of marijuana for medical use in some form.

    It is used to treat:
    Alzheimer’s disease
    Appetite loss
    Crohn’s disease
    Eating disorders such as anorexia
    Mental health conditions like schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
    Multiple sclerosis
    Muscle spasms
    Wasting syndrome (cachexia)

    The greatest amount of evidence for the therapeutic effects of cannabis relates to its ability to reduce chronic pain, nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy, and spasticity [tight or stiff muscles] from MS.

    Research suggests cannabinoids might:

    Reduce anxiety
    Reduce inflammation and relieve pain
    Control nausea and vomiting caused by cancer chemotherapy
    Kill cancer cells and slow tumour growth
    Relax tight muscles in people with MS
    Stimulate appetite and improve weight gain in people with cancer and AIDS.

  • Janette

    I have already responded but wanted to add something. I hope that’s okay. There is an abundance of research with consistent findings that marijuana is a dangerous substance and is not the ‘harmless’ drug that it is often purported to be (not purported by researchers but by the general public). Focusing on children and their safety, someone who is high on marijuana is not going to be in a fit state to safely look after children. Total legislation (by which I assume you mean legalising marijuana) sends a message that it’s safe which it certainly is not. The situation is already bad enough with irresponsible people smoking marijuana then driving or going to work or smoking marijuana when they are looking after children. Look at the irresponsibility of people when it comes to alcohol and driving/caring for children etc. The same will happen with marijuana only worse. You can have a drink or two of alcohol and still be fully capable of looking after children and driving a vehicle but you can’t say the same for marijuana. If any party proposed legalisation of marijuana for anything other than medicinal purposes, they would not get my vote and I wouldn’t be a member of that party.

  • Michael Windsor

    My position on this subject and i would like to see the parties’ position being that Cannabis or Marijuana should not be a prohibited substance for both Medical and recreational uses in this country. I myself see the effects of this substance to be nowhere near the detrimental social behaviour and health degrading substances that are sold in bottle shops every day. A criminal is a criminal and a Marijuana user is not a criminal. Yes, there are criminals that smoke Marijuana, there are criminals that drink alcohol and there are criminals that dont use either of these. In Australia, the cost of this prohibition with wasted police resources, wasted money and time in our court houses and other related costs is 1.5 billion dollars per year.
    For a substance that does not incite violence, does not increase the crime rate ( exception on charges relating to cannabis use or distribution).Does not take a person to a state of intoxication where one can’t remember what they have done. Does not take a person to a state where it is fatal with overdose.
    But it does, Stop, control or dramatically slow down the onset of Fits or convulsions. Relieve pain in chronic back injurie patients. Relieve pain and suffering with Cancer patients. and so many other medical ailments e.g. Insomnia and depression.
    It is. A sustainable product that can be used in the production of Clothing. Oils, THC. free food products like flour, fuel, soap and so many others.
    On a recreational scale. it has the potential of raising up to 650 million dollars in taxpayer revenue for the Australian economy. This is money now that is already being spent by cannabis users not a projection of new money spent. This money finds its way to organised crime rings due to prohibition.
    Financially. there is a 2-billion-dollar turnaround for the Australian economy. 2 BILLION DOLLARS. Thats an extra 2 billion dollars for the Australian government to spend on Education, Health, Public housing, infrastructure and the list goes on. 2 billion Dollars.
    In addition to this it has a hidden positive impact. Many offenders in our jails are repeat offenders. The first offence being Cannabis related that is the reason they are placed into the correctional system. A system where they will encounter hardened criminals who become peers or stand over influences in a person’s life that until this time was not a criminal but a user of cannabis. these are Peers and influences that would never be met, there for these future crimes would not be committed.
    Kids and Teens. Laws should not only Prohibit the use or supply but age limits in my view for both Cannabis and alcohol should be raised to 21 years and chronic addicts that commit any related crimes should be able to be banned from consumption.
    Workplaces and use of machinery and road vehicles. Any substance that even slightly impairs judgment or cognition should be prohibited in these areas.

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