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Child Welfare Hearing Policy

The Child Protection Party believe that child protection matters should not be an adversarial process in a court environment. ​ child welfare issues should not be dealt with in the same setting in which criminal cases are prosecuted. instead, a panel should be established to hear such matters in the form of child welfare hearings where the process is less intimidating for parent/s and caregiver/s. holding child welfare hearings in an environment that does not have the adversarial nature of the criminal court will provide an environment more conducive of producing more equitable outcomes for parents, caregivers and children. If you would like to comment on this policy, please leave your comments below. Note: Comments are public. If you wish to...

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Anti-Bullying Policy

The Child Protection Party supports the implementation of Australia’s international obligations to work toward an inclusive society that values all people regardless of intellectual ability, sexual orientation or physical ability. To this end we believe that: Schools should provide a safe and nurturing environment, free of discrimination and bullying as outlined in the Bullying. No Way! Program. Teachers should be kept up to date with law and policy to enable issues to be dealt with promptly, compassionately and professionally. Access to information and support to deal with complex issues should be readily available to eliminate the use of harsh measures such as restraint. The rights of children with a disability need to be a central feature of all policies. At...

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Adoption Policy

The Child Protection Party is currently reviewing its adoption policy. If you were adopted and would like to offer your suggestions on what the policy should look like, please leave your comments below. Note: Comments are public. If you wish to remain anonymous simply enter your initials or a pseudonym in the Name field. We would appreciate it if you could provide an email address so we can get in touch if we need any clarification on your comments. However, if you do not wish to provide your email address, enter none@none.com or something similar in the Email field. (Unfortunately, we are unable to make the Name or Email fields optional.)

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