Inquiry into the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia Bill 2019

The Child Protection Party has been invited to present a submission to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislative Committee which is due to offer its report on the 20th November 2020.

We are asking you to participate by providing us with your thoughts about what we should place in our submission.

Your views are important to us and we value any suggestions you make which are in accord with the guidelines of the committee. 

The Party must send in its submission by 2nd April 2020 so, if you want to add your views, please do so as soon as possible.

If you wish to remain anonymous, enter a pseudonym. Email addresses are not displayed on the comments page. They remain private to the Child Protection Party. We only ask that you provide an email address so that we can contact you for clarification if we need to. If you don't want to provide your email address, enter something like