Great work!

Thanks for all the great work the party does. 
Toni Grange has been remarkably helpful and her value needs noting.
I do look forward to a day when I might be able to repay the support she’s given me or pay it forward. 
It’s also taken an enormous load off my shoulders to know there is the Child Protection Party and a large ‘army‘ of people aware of the issues in child protection who are championing proactively for the cause. It’s helped me separate the injustice and politics and just focus on my case. I've finally acknowledged I can’t fix the system or right the wrongs while I’m still powerless/‘victim’ to the system. Gaining this perspective and assurance that people are aware of and working on exposing or fixing the issues has had a profoundly positive impact and given me relief when I needed it the most (when my attempts to do that as a parent under a wrongful Order had caused so much chaos and vilification I was at risk of losing my child as a result of that,  not from any wrongdoing commensurate with needing child safety intervention).
So I hope you all know just how valuable your Party, time and ongoing work is.
I also look forward to a time when this current child safety system is history which we all look back on. By that I mean when it’s no longer an ongoing silent and insidious system of abuse that harms the very children it’s meant to protect, wastes resources/funding on children not needing intervention (Thus creating/causing harm that was not already occurring), while others are dying or victims of profound abuse due to NOT receiving appropriate protection or intervention.
(Name withheld)