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Domestic Violence - a Response to Comments on a Facebook Post

In relation to domestic violence I was happy to get some responses from people to a post I uploaded to Facebook. I thought the responses generally were pretty good, but at the end of the day, one of the problems that I had was the comments in relation to how some men and admittedly some women were responding around the issues around domestic violence. I did post this because there were a number of instances over the last week in which one woman died and a baby died as a result of domestic violence and the statistics around domestic violence. Basically, pretty horrific, and I wanted to find a way by which we could confront what was happening, and, particularly as a male, I could confront fellow...

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Decision making by child protection departments leads to poor outcomes for children

Bad decision making by child protection departments generally leads to poor outcomes for children. This video briefly describes the sort of bad decisions that are made and why they are made. In the next video, we will discuss the changes in practice that the Child protection Party seek to implement in order to improve those decision making processes thereby improving the outcomes for all of Australia's children.    Check out our other videos on our YouTube channel and don't forget to click Subscribe and ring the bell on the YouTube page. You will then be notified when new videos are posted.  

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Should victims of sexual abuse be permitted to name their abusers?

  Tony, Avery and Michael discuss the merits of allowing the sexually abused to name their abuser. We ask the questions: legislation prevents a survivor of sexual abuse from naming their abuser. Why should a survivor not be allowed to name their abuser? does the perpetrator of sexual abuse deserve to have their identity protected? if a survivor was permitted to name their abuser, what impact would it have on that survivor. Listen to Michael's story. His is a truly inspiring story.

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