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Interview - Parents on a Mission founder, Leanne Claussen

Child Protection Party leader, Tony Tonkin, interviews Leanne Claussen, the founder of Parents on a Mission.  To subscribe to our YouTube channel, click the Child Protection Party logo below and then click the Subscribe and Notification buttons on the YouTube page. You will then be notified when new videos are posted. While you are there, check out our other videos on our YouTube channel.  

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Should victims of sexual abuse be permitted to name their abusers?

  Tony, Avery and Michael discuss the merits of allowing the sexually abused to name their abuser. We ask the questions: legislation prevents a survivor of sexual abuse from naming their abuser. Why should a survivor not be allowed to name their abuser? does the perpetrator of sexual abuse deserve to have their identity protected? if a survivor was permitted to name their abuser, what impact would it have on that survivor. Listen to Michael's story. His is a truly inspiring story.

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Changing a failing system

  The child protection system throughout Australia is utterly failing Australia's children. Children are abused, raped and some die. Children are ripped from their families, often for no sound reason. Children are placed in foster care or residential homes. Children who run away from residential care facilities often end up in youth detention centres - basically, put in jail. The vast majority of caseworkers are not members of the Australian Association of Social Workers, a professional organisation for social workers. The result of this is that caseworkers are not subject to mandatory training, annual assessment and so on. It means that a person can hang up a shingle declaring themselves to be a social worker doing so with little knowledge,...

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